Why become a Virtual Assistant?

If you're wanting to have any of the following opportunities in your life:

  • Be your own boss.
  • Greater flexibility - work and family life in alignment.
  • Run a successful business.
  • A portable career -the ability to work whenever and wherever you want.
  • Be a military spouse who wants to accompany military personnel on frequent assignment changes without having to give up their career.
  • To have a wide ranging role - supporting multiple clients meaning that every day is different.
  • To always be learning something new - business doesn't stand still.

Ultimately its having the ability to take control of your own life and your career.

What you get if you train with Amanda

You see, you already have the skills and experience -  I can give you the tools you need to become an "Awesome VA" - a VA who is authentic and empowered.  But if you want to know more - here are just some of the highlights of working with me:

  • You will be supported by the VA Training provider who was voted the best Virtual Assistant (VA) training provider in the UK in the PA Assist Members Voice Awards.
  • VACT graduates added an extra £12,798 onto their turnover, compared to VAs without any training. Source: UK Virtual Assistant Survey v6 - for more information please visit: www.societyofvirtualassistants.co.uk
  • Study at your own pace all of the Virtual Assistant training courses can be delivered face to face and supported by online technology (but with a personal slant)
  • UK-based VA training courses learn how to set up a successful VA business
  • Receive expert guidance training created by VA's for VA's
  • Get support and inspiration from other great VA's - my communities support each other in their set up.
  • You can complete your training, get set up and launch whilst you are still working!

What you also get when working with me is something you don't find with any other VA Training Provider in the UK and that's the personal touch.  The program and the support you receive gets personalised to each person undertaking the training.

There are a lot of VA training and coaching courses out there, with so many of them being impersonal and fully automated courses.  You get sent a vast array of information and left to do with it what you can (sometimes nothing). The information is cribbed from snippets they have picked up here and there, then cobbled together from what they learnt on their training courses, perhaps prepping you on the general tasks and skills that are required to become a VA.  Your questions go unanswered, you feel unsupported and you are left floundering.  Not good!

Well when you work with me - its the complete opposite, I am here with you inspiring, challenging you and supporting you to be an "Awesome" VA. 


Are you ready to take action?

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