Top Tips on how to build and grow a VA Business

When trying to build and grow a VA business, don’t over complicate the process, follow these simple top tips and your business will grow.

Don’t make the decision to quit your day job

I know you’re eager to get started, but that doesn’t mean throwing in the towel on your current employment status. At the moment, you have your most important base covered – your financial one. Your employment is giving you the financial means to start your own business, so get a plan into place to help ease the transition.

Could you start, by getting a plan into place to go part-time after a certain amount of time? How about your current attitude to being employed – could you change that, to make your situation more bearable, until you do leave?

Find a reputable training company

You already have most of skills needed to become a VA, but do you have the business skills to run your own business? Running your own business can be stressful and time-consuming – and that’s why it pays to not do it alone. If you want to save yourself a lot of stress and wasted money and time, find a reputable training company to help make the transition faster and easier for you.

Look for a training company that has a great track record, provides ongoing training and CPD Accreditation. You’ll also want business support too, so ensure the company you opt for, gives you the marketing, financial planning and client management strategies and tools you need, to make your business a success. Our blog post how to choose a VA training company might help you find the right company to support you.

Have a plan for your VA business

We’ve ensured your financial bases are covered, now you need to get a plan into place for getting your business up and running. This includes marketing and social media, client attraction, where to find your ideal clients and the goals you’re aiming for (and how to achieve them).

Having a plan in place also ensures you’re focused on your strengths, whilst working only with the clients you want to work with, in a way that suits you.

Think about the longer term vision for you, your family and your business!

Get the legalities of business sorted

Ensure that you have your legal bases covered. Setting up as a sole trader is the easiest option, but it also carries greater personal financial risk. A Limited Company, on the other hand, means your business and personal finances aren’t linked together.

Also, ensure you have both Data Protection and Professional Indemnity Insurance. Not only will they help protect you and your business, they’re essential, if you want to look professional and install confidence in your clients.

Build your reputation – and a portfolio

Now you can look to build your online presence. This is where you’re likely to get most of your clients from, so it pays to take the time to get it right. Start networking and building your relationship with contacts now. Offer introductory rates, to get clients in and start using these initial clients to help you build a portfolio of work and some glowing testimonials.

I’d also suggest you get yourself a Facebook business page, Twitter profile and/or LinkedIn profile, to start interacting with potential clients, potential referral partners and to raise your profile.

By following these simple steps, before you make the leap from paid employment to self-employment, you’ll ensure you’re giving your VA business the best possible start – without jeopardising your health, finances or sanity!

This blog was originally published as a guest blog by Amanda Johnson in support of an event dedicated to supporting women in business and in particular supporting mums get into business. Unfortunately that company was not as honest with their audience as they should have been and have liquidated owing a lot of mums in business money!  But the information Amanda our VA Coach, Trainer and Mentor shares is still valid and here to help you make the leap from PA to VA.

Learn how to build and grow a VA business with ease using our simple tips. #VACoaching #VACT. Stop overcomplicating the process of creating an awesome VA business - go back to the basics and fundamentals of business