There are a variety of ways in which VAs charge. Some simply charge by the hour, having already agreed a budget with their client. Others offer retainer packages, which means you agree a set cost per month with your client for a certain number of hours. It is normal to charge for telephone calls, stationery, travel and other expenses on top at cost. We will guide you as to what you should be charging, how to charge your worth and avoiding comparing yourself to others.


There are too many VAs who are undercharging for their services.

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Absolutely. Although this is not a ‘job’ it is your ‘career’, a ‘business’. Being a VA you can work as many or as few hours as you choose. You can build a large client base, and even have associate VAs to whom you outsource additional work, thereby creating yourself an additional income too. There are many well-established VAs who have chosen to work full time.

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Because VAs tend to specialise in particular niche markets or with their ideal clients, rather than attempt to be a “Jack of all trades”, not everyone is offering exactly the same service. Therefore, there are plenty of opportunities out there. The VA industry is also very supportive and other VAs can be a great support to your business when you need someone to cover for you when you have a work overload or off sick or on holiday etc. Of course it is about becoming an outstanding VA and at VACT we show you how specifically to stand out and get noticed with our CPD training.

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More and more people are setting up their own businesses, and clients are increasingly becoming more supportive of a flexible and versatile working style. These shifts in attitude are providing more business and therefore more income for VAs, as people realise the benefits of outsourcing business support, social media, administrative and secretarial tasks in order that they can focus on their business and profit generation.

Generally industry is working smarter and business owners realise that employing staff versus using freelancers is a more cost-efficient way of running their business. It means they do not have to be restricted to using someone locally, they can tap into the resources of someone who is a greater fit for their business from anywhere in the world!

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Yes, we show you exactly how to get your clients from understanding and creating a niche market or creating a speciality about your business, networking and online networking and how to gain clients not just local but internationally.  We cover every aspect of how to build your VA business.

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Many potential VAs make the crucial mistake of thinking that to be a VA all you need is a computer, a desk and an internet connection. WRONG! It’s not about simply using your PA or administrative experience to provide VA services to a range of clients. You will need to be a business owner and have the mindset of a business owner too and that requires another set of skills entirely. The ability to actually run your business will be key to your success.

Many who have tried to set up on their own have taken longer to get their business established, and of course, as people like James Caan and Doug Richards who are successful entrepreneurs, they have stated in many of their talks, that to set up a business without the specialist guidance is not acting smartly. Why would you want to make your own mistakes, learn the hard way and take far longer when you can be mentored and shown the way by someone who has created themselves a successful model, made all the costly mistakes and can help you achieve your goals far quicker? Its costs you more in the long run!

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