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Launch a VA Business Guide

Need to Know – VA Essentials – The most frequently asked questions answered.

This guide serves as a starting point for anyone interested in starting their own Virtual Assistant business. You may already have secretarial or PA experience in previous employment, are currently still working full or part-time, or maybe you’ve just been made redundant – whatever stage of employment life you are at, we want to help.

At the Virtual Assistant Coaching and Training Company we want to help as many as possible PAs, EAs, administrators and secretaries take steps towards creating their own VA business. As a company, we’ve successfully trained 1,000’s of VAs helping them to launch their own successful VA businesses and we want to help you too.

That is why we’ve created this essential guide. We want to give you answers to the common questions most new VAs have. We cover the financial and practical side of a VA business both with this guide and the courses we offer so take this opportunity to have a read and find out if you’re ready to take the next step towards your own VA business.