New DIY VA Mastery Course – Enhanced




The new VA Mastery Course is an in-depth, DIY Virtual Assistant training course, designed with you in mind.  By the end of the modules, you will have “The VA Knowledge – Your Business Bible” which will act as a resource for you for years to come.

Delivered through a combination of webinars, worksheets, reading materials and sample documents, this course is practical, hands-on and comprehensive.  The new DIY course covers everything from business strategy, and tools and technology, to client management and marketing, to financial planning and working with associates. PLUS all the content is broken down and delivered in 6 easy to digest modules.

This course will boost your confidence, develop your business mindset, and empower you with the commercial know-how you need to succeed.

The enhanced version includes the Suzanne Dibble Legal templates and one 60 minutes strategy call to be used within 6 months of purchase.



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