Enhanced VA Mastery Course and Website Builder Course




The VA Mastery Course is an in-depth, DIY Virtual Assistant training course, designed with you in mind.  By the end of the modules, you will have “The VA Knowledge – Your Business Bible” which will act as a resource for you for years to come. 

Delivered through a combination of webinars, worksheets, reading materials and sample documents, this course is practical, hands-on and comprehensive.  The new DIY course covers everything from business strategy, and tools and technology, to client management and marketing, to financial planning and working with associates. PLUS all the content is broken down and delivered in 6 easy to digest modules.

This course will boost your confidence, develop your business mindset, and empower you with the commercial know-how you need to succeed.

The enhanced version includes the Suzanne Dibble Legal templates and one 60 minutes strategy call to be used within 6 months of purchase.

What’s different with this version of our course!

I am hugely excited to say we have partnered with the awesome Vee Tanner of The Biz Tech Wiz to include her Biz Website Building Course as part of this package. 

Biz Website Course is perfect for you if you’ve just started your business on a shoe-string budget and aren’t too technical but willing to learn how to build a professional WordPress website that attracts the right clients and keeps them coming back.

This is an online course of 10 modules delivered through a series of short 5-10 minute videos where it’s like sitting on Vee’s shoulder watching her explain what to do, so you can pause and repeat what’s just been done.

With each module are links to favourite resources and cheat sheets which makes the process of building your website even simpler and quicker.

You’ll get access to Vee via her private Facebook Group, where you can ask questions and get answers and guidance. Plus you get insider pro-tips and best practice that up to now only her retainer clients have had access to.

Full course content details here: veesmith.com/bizwebsitecourse

Learn More about Vee Tanner

Vee (Smith) Tanner is the Biz Tech Wiz. She’s been building websites since 1997 (when the internet was in its infancy and we used dial-up to access it). There were no training courses back then when the company she worked for (a global, multi-million turnover listed company) asked her to build their website. She figured it out and the bosses were so pleased with website she built that it was used as a showcase for the 30 subsidiaries they owned.

When Vee set up her Virtual Admin business in 2005 (Vee is a former VA Mastery Course student) she soon discovered that clients chose her over her contemporaries because she could tinker with their websites and throw up new pages and websites to test out their new services and products. She continually invests in online marketing training to keep up to date with next best practice of what online marketing works and implement that for her clients.


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