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“Go-To” Virtual Assistant?

I help Virtual Assistants to build and grow their VA Business through coaching, training and mentoring.

  • I help to equip you with the business mindset needed to set up and run your own successful yet empowered VA business.  I don’t train you how to manage a diary or type a letter, instead I guide you in setting up an authentic VA business, that is aligned to your core values and one where you charge your worth and you have the freedom and flexibility to live life in the way you desire.

I do this through the VA Training Courses, VA Membership or through One to One VA Coaching and Mentoring.

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VA Training Courses


My most popular VA Training Course is the VA Mastery Course, it is an in-depth Virtual Assistant training course, designed with you in mind.  By the end of the modules, you will have “The VA Knowledge – Your Business Bible” which will act as a resource for you for years to come.

If you are ready to follow a proven method and do the work.  No more excuses.  You need to be driven, and refuse to be average – you are done with trial and error and want to set your business up with ease.   This course will help develop your confidence, improve business mindset and empower you with the commercial know-how to succeed. 

VA Membership


The VA Membership is the only UK VA business accelerator that’s designed specifically to help you build and grow your VA business.  With over 100+ hours of CPD accredited courses, weekly co-working sessions, weekly group coaching calls, a private support group, laser coaching calls and mini courses including the Kick Start Your VA Business Training Course.

As you review and refresh you will want to tap into our business checklists, templates, example documents, swipe copy and so much more to ensure you are supporting your “OWN” business to the best of your ability.  (We can often get sidetracked supporting clients in all honesty.)

One to One VA Coaching and Mentoring


There are a variety of ways to access coaching with me, in a group environment as part of the VA Membership, as part of a VA Power Hour where we solve a particular issue that you have or as a One to One Client on either a monthly or quarterly basis.

My aim with coaching is to help you brainstorm brilliance, act as your safe space to bounce ideas around, to receive guidance and to hold you accountable.

Coaching is a two way process, and is not the quick fix to your business and so we need to have a discussion to see if we are the right fit for one another.  As I only work with clients that I know I can make a difference to their business.


1. Choose type of support

Click through to either the main services page, or the VA Training, VA Membership, or the one to one VA Coaching and Mentoring to learn more about the specific support or service you are interested in.

2. Make your purchase

Once you know which type of support you would like to receive, you can order direct from the website, which will give you immediate access to your training materials.

3. Look for an email 

Once you have purchased you will receive an email from me with your login details, so you get access to all the needed resources and a link to join our private support community.


  • Amanda was one of the first people I asked for support from when I started my business and she’s been there for me ever since. The 1:1 coaching I had from her ensured I understood my direction of travel and she helped me get rid of the noise in my head enabling me to prioritise the things that would really make a difference. Her Membership Group is full of valuable advice too and is my go-to place when I get stuck! I’ve also attended her GSDD events where we focus down on solving specific problems in our businesses. There’s something for every budget. Amanda’s no nonsense style is just what I need, and her support has been invaluable through my journey so far, I only wish I’d done it sooner!

    Joanne Manville – One to One Coaching
  • Throughout the course, with her warmth and fun, Amanda has been completely present and incredibly supportive. If I was concerned about anything or needed advice on how to tackle any of the modules, Amanda was just a click away! I cannot thank Amanda enough for all the valuable personal and business advice she gave throughout the course and continues to give. If you are looking for a quality VA course, where you are actively supported both individually as well as in groups, led by a passionate and committed coach, trainer and mentor, then look no further than Amanda Johnson’s VA Mastery Course! I highly recommend this course! 

    Debbie Potts – VA Mastery Course
  • The VA Membership is the best set of colleagues I could want or need. It is hugely supportive when things get tough and also celebrate with you when the wins come around too. The friendships and collaborations that are made within the community is invaluable and everyone is on hand for your own accountability. Not only all of this, but a huge library of webinars, training, courses and Q&As to refer to and learn from at your fingertips too. The Membership is a safe environment where EVERYONE has your back and with Amanda at the helm, I don’t know why I didn’t join sooner.

    Susan Wright – VA Membership
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Ready to become the “Go-To” Virtual Assistant – but you still have questions… I totally understand.

Sometimes we just need to see if we are a good fit for each other or that the course meets your needs – I get that.  So book a Discovery call and let’s chat and hopefully I can re-assure you that I am the person to help you to become a Virtual Assistant.


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