Want to build a VA business – set very clear milestones for yourself, so you can start to measure your achievements

Set very clear milestones for yourself, so you can start to measure your achievements, keep focussed on what is motivating you, and remind yourself of the negative consequence if you do not take the action.

Have a flexible plan, focussed on your vision, going back to what I said earlier, imaging now when life is different for you how would it be, what would you notice happening, what would you notice being different? So that you can start to mould your vision, have a very specific plan but allow it to be flexible because life does throw other challenges, whilst we are on a journey and that’s OK, we have to be prepared that could actually happen.

Just to give you a scenario; you’re setting off to go and meet somebody and maybe you’ve got a 20 mile journey, you look on Google maps and figured out the route you are going to take so you have a specific plan. Yet you are allowing yourself the contingency time to be flexible, just in case there’s traffic or any road works. And, Sod’s Law you come across some road works, so maybe you have satnav or your map next to you and you start to look at a different route, in order that you can carry on and achieve your end result, which is meeting that person at that particular destination.

It should never hold you back, so allow yourself to be flexible, have a flexible plan and have a contingency for any of those barriers that could come up.

Then you start to implement some strategies to build your confidence and your self esteem. You build a stronger base and put yourself in a much stronger position to get out of that rut, otherwise if you take nothing on board from what you’re reading, you are just going to float through life, you will make on the spot decisions based on not really having a plan, and so don’t be surprised if you stay in your rut. But I’m sure that’s not you want is it?

So, have a blue print, have a plan. Have a clear focus and direction, have accountability, get support, have a contingency plan, have objectives, have flexibility, have faith in yourself, believe you can do it, learn from past experiences and mistakes and take that forward with you.

Think about how you can start to behave and be and think differently, use the support of other people, positive people who could positively influence you and help you to make that change.

So remember to set clear milestones, measure your success and if you need to make any adjustments, then that’s fine because you are working at your own pace. And take action every single day.

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