When you’re a Virtual Assistant or an OBM, you know that quality matters in representing your personal brand. Your band is, after all, how you market yourself and your business. One fundamental way you show your brand effectiveness and the high standard of your work to current and potential employers is through the products you put out both in terms of your work and the printed materials. So today, I want to share my recommended printer and the fact that I use HP Instant Ink in my business.

Of course, not all VAs or OBMs have a printer, they brag as if its part of a special club that earns them a “no printer” badge – but personally I find it a useful addition to the office, saving both time, stress and energy in the management and logistics of printing. When you have a printer accessible at your work location (likely your home), it makes getting your printed items that much easier. You don’t need to walk, drive, or check opening hours of your local Printers.  All items will be at your ready, at your leisure, and on your own agenda.  A superb and functional printer is the HP OfficeJet Pro 9022 All-In-One Printer – to be fair, I have worked with the HP OfficeJet printers for years, affordable, solid small office printers.  Until recently, I always went and bought my ink at the time of needing it, but I recently converted to HP Instant Ink after recommendations in my VA Help Desk Facebook community, a free community I run to support those wanting to become a Virtual Assistant or for experienced Virtual Assistants looking for their virtual watercooler!

I have since decided that the benefits of using HP Instant Ink for Virtual Assistants are incalculable.

Although you may be initially sceptical about investing in a service where your ink gets delivered to you don’t be. It’s an excellent and high-quality appliance with a multitude of uses. The exceptional Instant Ink quality will draw you in and keep you coming back.

Another advantage for Virtual Assistants to using HP Instant Ink and a corresponding and equally great printer is that you won’t miss out on completing any work assignments due to businesses being closed during lockdown. You’ll be considerably more efficient and productive and on your own schedule. Additionally, with HP Instant Ink, you get to pick a plan to meet your needs, and then you’ll receive more ink before you even run out – delivered right to your doorstep. There won’t be any reasons to be late with or miss work because you are out of necessary supplies. The plans are wonderfully uncomplicated, and you can cancel whenever you see fit. It might surprise you to know that printing in black and white costs the same as printing in colour.

You may wonder how much start-up capital is really needed when beginning your new endeavour as a Virtual Assistant in the UK. It’s not as much as you might think. However, having those vital pieces of equipment such as laptops and printers, especially an all-in-one device with superior ink, will save you so much. These devices can even cross over between professional and personal use since you’re your own boss.

While you’re behind your desk or at home on your sofa working and working hard (I don’t recommend you do work from the sofa!), take advantage of this offer to try HP Instant Ink and get a month free! It’s like trying out a high-quality product before fully investing in it. But let’s face it, you’re going to like it, and who doesn’t like free? Being a Virtual Assistant can be a freeing, enlightening, and emboldening career move. Choose the right products to support your future.


The Benefits of Using HP Instant Ink For Virtual Assistants