Does the thought of handling enquiries send you into a state of frenzy or excitement…or perhaps both?


Enquiries, SalesOK so how many of you want the phone to ring and it be someone enquirying about your services BUT…you also have this fear of saying the wrong thing to them, sounding expensive and most of all, getting tongue-tied. ?Of course you want to be prepared and know that the person at the other end of the phone, loves the sound of what you do and wants to work with?you instead of another VA!

So, how to you avoid coming across like a nervous teenager and instead to come across as a confident business owner who can make a sale?

First rule! It’s NOT about you. ?It’s about them. ?And I know this is going to sound really weird, BUT, avoid selling in that phone call. ?If you’ve already had a call with that person, they’ve moved from an equirer to a warm prospect.

I would, instead, use that phone call to get to know what challenges that person was currently experiencing, the solution they wanted to achieve and the business results they needed to arrive at.

“OK, Carmen, so if I’m not selling, why would someone call me for more information? ?And what information should I be giving them?” I hear you ask.

The fact of the matter is, they won’t always know what information they are asking for, especially if they’re not that familiar with VAs. ?What they will have is a challenge and they have probably got to the point that they are frustrated with that challenge and need a solution,?fast!

Here are my tips to what you can do to be prepared and handle enquiries with confidence.

1. Be welcoming. ?The fact that they’ve called you is great, there’s a need. ?Be welcoming on the phone and smile. ?You can really ‘hear’ if someone is smiling. ?Listen to the sound of their voice, if they?are?anxious about a challenge, help to put them at ease. ?Let them know how much time you can spend with them now and what you’ll go through with them in that call…and ask if that’s all good with them. ?If they’re short on time, I would strongly suggest ?arranging for another time, sooner than later.

2. Have they used a VA before? ?They?may currently be or have recently used the services of another VA. ?Never assume that if they’re choosing to leave that VA that it’s something negative. ?It could be that they’ve moved on and the current or past VA doesn’t possess the skills to assist the client with what they want to achieve. ?It’s fine to ask what reasons they have for no longer using that VA for your own peace of mind. The other reason here is that they never have used a VA before and even could be slightly sceptical at the fact that you’re?virtual. ? Therefore, this is where you need to educate them.

3. Educate them. ?Do use this as an opportunity to educate them briefly about using a VA,?however,?the main focus here is to educate them on how?you can help solve their challenges. ?Discover what goals they must and want to achieve in their business and by when. ?Then, establish what their challenges are and how they’re preventing the business moving forward or creating them stress perhaps. ?You will be able to tell where to direct this part of the conversation based on the tonality of their voice. ?If you thought at this point you don’t actually have the right skills to support this person, be authentic and instead refer them to someone who can assist them.

?4. Get across that you’re exceptional.??They may very well be talking with other VAs, never state how other VAs are different to you,?just?focus on what?you are exceptional at. What are you passionate about doing specifically and what do you know you’re good at. Avoid using the term ‘I’m highly profesional’, as everyone says that. ?Instead, if you already have clients, state why they chose you to work with and offer that they can speak to your clients where you have permission to do so. ?

safe_image-3.phpCase studies work better than testimonials, as they get across what the client’s challenge was, the solution you created and the results your client experienced. ?People are attracted by the results if the challenges reasonate with them. ?If you don’t have clients yet, go through what your solutions would be and help your clients to focus on the results they want to achieve and create awareness for them on how their goals are important to them. ?LISTEN. ?When someone listens to me and creates that space for me to clear the clutter and offered a green light, it makes all the difference. ?

5. Dicussing your fees. ?When you get people to focus on cost, then it will be a cost. ?Enable them to see that this is an investment, to focus on where they are spending a lot of their valuable time on activities that drain their productivity and even get them to state what an hour of their time is worth to their business. ?When they can see that they are throwing good money down the loo, they’ll realise something has to change. Entrepreneurs need to be able to have the freedom to focus on their talent, not the admin of their business. ?If they think you’re expensive then you’ve not got the value across to them. ?It’s not about saving time and money, it’s about results and freedom. ?This will also help you to get across the value and benefits.

6. Agree the next stage. ?They may ask for a proposal or even more information. ?People can only absorb so much information. ?I would suggest either asking them what specifically they’d find useful to receive and then present a summary of what you discussed along with a summary of their challenges, your solutions and an outline of their desired results. ?Keep it simple and remember less is more.

8. Follow-up fast. ?By sending something by email means they’ll receive it immediately. ?However, never leave it to chance, assume nothing. ?Call – yes call – and ask that your email has arrived. ?Then state you’ll follow up with them on a mutually agreed day. ?Then put that date and time in the diary and call them. ?If you leave it to them to call you, chances are they won’t. ?Perhaps due to time. ?If they’ve spoken to other VAs, by showing you’re proactive at this stage will tell them a lot about how you are proactive for your clients.

9. ?Helping them to buy. ?Make it easy for them to buy from you. ?By following up and asking them what they best way forward is for them, you’re only helping them to get the best out of their business. ?Unless you are desperate, they’ll pick up that you genuinely want to be their Virtual Assistant.

Good luck!!

Carmen x

Carmen MacDougall

The Virtual Assistant Coaching and Training Company


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