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I want to ask you the following question “What if?”

Imagine you are a year into the future, and you have a successful business, you’ve said goodbye to the tyrant boss, given the hideous commute the boot, and are proud of your achievements and newfound confidence. Look at your healthy bank statement, your fantastic client portfolio.

What if you could take control and make these things reality?

You can.

I am here to help you make this your reality. A year from now, you’ll wish you had started today.

  • Now is the time. The demand for highly skilled authentic and passionate VAs is increasing.
  • You have the skills already. Everything you know from your years of being a great PA, EA, Administrator or Secretary will make you a great VA. On your terms.
  • Balance family commitments by working with their schedules.
  • Job search as a mature candidate can be frustrating – skip it and start your own business you know you’ve got the skills!

How I can help you

  • Offer a free 30-minute consultation to see if this is for you; (no hard sell, I promise!)
  • Deliver specific targeted training, designed to speed your success;
  • Answer all those questions (listed above).
  • Offer several levels of accredited VA training, so you know it’s right for you;
  • Help you learn to sell yourself and market your business with passion but without coming across as sales focussed;
  • De-mystify the Social Media maze;
  • Guide you through setting up a new business;
  • Stand beside you, offering continued support on your journey;
  • Provide certified CPD training so you’ll always be up to date;
  • Provide access to a huge VA network, your community and safety net of information and support.

I’m Amanda and I have been there, I have been you. I want to help you succeed. If you would like to book a 30 minutes discovery call then please Register Now.