Be You Be Awesome

With One to One Private Coaching and Mentoring

Why do it all on your own, when you can get there faster with the support of a Coach or Mentor…

Imagine working with someone who is an expert, who will share their model, help you avoid the costly mistakes and, in a non-judgemental way, boost your confidence levels to achieve what you thought would be impossible…

There are several ways in which I can support you with coaching and mentoring.  As you will see the 4 options below are very different:

  • VA Power Hour – a short sharp dose where you get your questions answered and some ideas on what you need to do to move forwards.
  • One Day VA Mastermind – we spend a day together to get direction, guidance and the focus needed to make big and immediate changes in your VA business.
  • Quarterly 1:2:1 Mentoring – a commitment to work together for 12 months but quarterly calls instead of monthly calls.  Works well for those who have been on the Luminary Coaching and want to continue accessing the VA Membership and have quarterly coaching and mentoring calls. 
  • Luminary 1:2:1 Coaching – a commitment to work together for 12 months to really take your VA business to the next level.  Perhaps you want to go from being a singleton VA to being a Lead VA with a team of associates, or you are looking to move into the Online Business Manager (OBM) space – Luminary 1:2:1 Coaching and Mentoring is your safe space to build and grow.

Our coaching and mentoring has been designed with you in mind but ultimately will deliver the following:

  • Brainstorm brilliance
  • Bounce ideas off
  • To be accountable
  • To receive guidance

So if you are looking for someone that will be a great sounding board for your ideas and help you through your business challenges, at the same time as helping you to boost your confidence in yourself and the actions you have to take in business, I would love to help you.

If you still have questions and would like to chat about your suitability for these options – then please just message me on [email protected]

Learn what is involved with the Luminary 1:2:1 Coaching and Mentoring

Luminary one to one private mentoring recognises that every business is different, no matter how similar they are!  Perhaps, you have already started out in business and now you want to take your business to another more profitable level, be able to work on your goals with the support and guidance of a very experienced Coach and Mentor.  This programme is aimed at Virtual Assistants who are serious about their business.  

12 Month Personalised Support

Access to VA Training Academy®

10 Mentoring Calls over 12 months

Weekly Accountability

Private Support Group

Email / Telephone Support

Amanda is the most knowledgeable and giving person I know. She makes me find my big girl pants when I need them and finds my smile when I have misplaced it. Not only that, I would not be where I am now without her support. I have known Amanda for a few years now (well maybe more than a few) and she has been there for me throughout. How she finds the time and energy to support the vast VA community that continues to grow I have no idea – but she does – and most importantly she does it awesomely! 

Natalie Andrews

Amanda is truly awesome! I have known of Amanda for many years before I made the decision to join her 1:1 mentoring. After a few conversations where she shared her advice so freely, it was a no brainer that Elite PA Solutions would benefit from having her in our corner. Six months in and it’s not a decision I have doubted – not once. Amanda is supportive, pushes me to think outside my comfort zone and given me the courage to ‘just do it’. This year, I have started building a ‘small top notch’ team of virtual PAs who are now working successfully with Elite PA Solutions clients. Amanda’s held me accountable and reminded me that ‘doing’ everything singlehanded is not growing my business. She’s brilliant, calming and understanding of personal issues that do crop up and push you back at times. Highly recommend.

Sandy Hearn

Elite PA Solutions

Amanda’s skills, experience and ongoing support are outstanding. I enrolled in her mentoring program as I had built my VA business alone but wanted advice on scaling my business by working with a team of associates. The value of excellence provided by Amanda was AMAZING. Our regular weekly check in’s helped keep me on track with my goals and our regular 1:1 calls made me push boundaries and excel. Thank you, Amanda, for the significant contribution you offered over the past 12 months and helping my vision materialise. You are a star! 

Selina Johnson

Selina & Co

I have been mentored by Amanda for the last year and I can honestly say I do not what I would have done without her. She offers straight forward pragmatic advice, has been there and done it and appreciates how hard you have to work to build a successful VA business. She is always on hand to help and the support that is offered is second to none. You can always rely on her to be honest and forthright with a no nonsense approach. She is fantastic accountability partner. Thanks Amanda.

Emma Conway Hyde

The Umbrella Tree

Amanda has been an amazing support in my business journey. Not only have I had the pleasure of knowing Amanda as one of my ‘super-customers’, she’s also been a mentor to me as well. Her level of VA expertise is astounding and it’s been an absolute pleasure training with both Amanda and the VACT generally.She is there to guide and support you throughout the VA journey, and Amanda is as invested in your business success as you are!I’m honoured to have this amazing woman in my corner – deciding to train under her guidance, was one of THE best business decisions I’ve ever made and I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who is thinking of becoming a VA – and if you’re currently a struggling VA, who need some extra support to get your business to the level of success that suits you and your family – I’d definitely recommend contacting Amanda too!

Sarah White

Sarah PJ White

Amanda and I started collaborating at a key time in my business. I needed guidance and support and Amanda was perfect for me, with her experiences and approach suiting me very well. I joined the 1:2:1 mentoring programme and learned so much from Amanda who gave me confidence and direction to build my business. I am very happy to recommend Amanda to other VAs and business owners who are transitioning and are looking for expert guidance. Thanks to Amanda for also introducing me to the ‘Go-Giver’ approach to business.

Louisa Stewart

Blue Ninja

Not sure if I am the right Coach or Mentor for you – then book a no obligation call where we can talk about the things that you want to achieve and see if I am the right person for you. You need to feel inspired, challenged and supported when working with me and I need to feel the same way about you.  If we are going to work together, we need to be able to see that we would work well together!

Luminary Pay in Full:

Luminary Pay Monthly:

Frequently Asked Questions about the Luminary One to One Coaching and Mentoring 

What's included in the Luminary one to one coaching and mentoring programme?

The Luminary one to one coaching and mentoring programme is a 12 month mentoring programme and you will have 10 mentoring calls to be used over the 12 months.

10 x one hour mentoring/coaching calls to be used over the 12 months of us working together.  A private support  group where you can connect with your business contemporaries, share your ideas, successes and can brainstorm problems together.  We also have weekly accountability check-ins and on a Monday evening, currently at 2000, we use it to have group chats – oh and me to kick your xxxx.

Seriously, if you want to be “Awesome” then being part of this coaching mentoring programme is the way ahead and I look forward to working with you.

What happens during a Luminary Coaching and Mentoring call?

This does actually vary from call to call but as a rough order:

  • Wins from the past month
  • Focus on opportunities and challenges
  • Identify solutions / guidance etc
  • Share resources / tools and training
  • Identify focus for the month ahead
Why 10 coaching/mentoring calls?

You get 10 calls over 12 months. I generally don’t do calls in August or December (due to children and school holidays!)

If you want to blob a couple of your sessions together and do face to face, providing you can travel to me – then I am happy to do this too.  you can do so. 

Some clients occasionally split their hour into two half hours, or we stop the call when we’ve done enough and regroup later in the month, its not about talking for the sake of talking – I would rather they be focussed sessions. 

How much is the investment?

Coaching and Mentoring is an investment in you and you should receive a return on that investment far quicker than if you were to work on your own, you should ideally start to see results immediately, of course it does require you to take action and be totally committed.

Your investment in you and your business to accelerate growth and boost you as a business owner is £1.8k via 12 payments of £150 or pay in full and get an early payment discount of £300 and pay just £1.5k.

How long is the commitment?

Minimum of 12 month commitment (This is not for everyone and so we need to have a call to see if we are a good fit for each other before you purchase this)

What can we cover?

What would you like to cover?

Over the years, I have helped others with; nailing down who their ideal client is and then giving clarity on the unique value and what sets them apart in order to market to that person, we have worked on mindset, mastering the networking and marketing piece of the business, developed systems and structures, building and growing a team of awesome Virtual Assistants.  

Sometimes the stuff we work on has been more personal – basically I am here to help you create the personal and business you want – and one size does not fit all.

In fairness the breadth and depth has been endless and so if you are ready to achieve more in your business, now could be the time to invest in working one to one with a Coach / Mentor.

Is this just for Virtual Assistants?

The Luminary one to one Coaching and Mentoring Programme is not just for Virtual Assistants, although I am currently working with a number of them in this capacity.  This programme is aimed at individuals who are looking for someone to help them do the following:

  • Brainstorm brilliance
  • Bounce ideas off
  • To be accountable
  • To receive guidance
Is this training?

Not really, although, dependent on the challenges will sometimes mean information and training may be given. The aim will be to give you the tools to develop your business to the point you are gaining more clients, increasing your fees and/or retainer packages, becoming more confident in your business actions such as networking, more resourceful when working with clients, building a team to help you to establish and grow your business further and more.

Would you rather spend a day together?

If you would rather spend the day together working on your VA Business then the One Day VA Mastermind may be the better option for you.  Or you could combine this with the Luminary Coaching and Mentoring to really nail your business goals.