Kick Start Your VA Business Course

The Kick Start Your VA Business Programme is an affordable, inspiring and challenging programme designed to support you through the process of setting up and launching your VA business.  It is designed for those who are on a very tight budget or who are perhaps setting up a “side hustle” VA business.  This course was £497 and was going to be the contents of my book but having decided to STOP writing the book (blog post to follow on that one) I have decided to include it as part of the VA Membership for those who just want to dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

Kick Start Your VA Business Programme

The Kick Start Your VA Business is a 12 module affordable, inspiring and challenging programme designed originally to support you through the process of setting up and launching your VA business in just 12 weeks or less. The course is delivered through a combination of reading materials, work sheets, online tutorials, audios and sample documents, the course is practical and hands-on.

The Kick Start Your VA Business covers everything from business strategy and structure, and tools and technology, to financial planning, client management, marketing, networking, working with associates and contingencies PLUS all the content is broken down and delivered in bite sized modules. If you take action, these modules will help you to create your VA business.


What you will learn

Module 1 – Launch Your VA Business – The Importance of a Business Strategy.

Module 2 – Launch Your VA Business – Research, Research and More Research

Module 3 – Structures and Business Plans

Module 4 – Importance of Great Client Management

Module 5 – Charging Your Worth

Module 6 – Turning Your Clients into Raving Fans

Module 7 – Creating a Compelling Message

Module 8 – Broadcasting Your Message

Module 9 – Raising Your Profile from Networking

Module 10 – How to use Social Media and Online Marketing to Boost Your Audience

Module 11 – Consolidation and Putting into Practice

Module 12 – Build and Grow . . .

The ‘Kick Start Your VA Business’ takes you through the process from thinking about starting up, through the research phase, actual launching on to how to build and grow your business through marketing.  You will be armed with information and strategies that work providing you take action! (Reading the course isn’t enough – you have to be engaged).


What do you get?

What you get . . . 12 modules. Each module includes a presentation, video or audio, an accompanying handout, exercises and/or templates. 


  1. You can commence this program with me at any ANY time.
  2. You will be able to access supporting material, example templates, done-for-you marketing material and scripts to use in your client consultations and reviews, proposal documents to use and a script for speaking to people about mon

The £99 version of this course does not come with feedback of modules or private support group – it is purely the 12 module course.  

Amanda Johnson is the epitomy of the word AWESOME. I’m currently following and learning from her and learning so much. Her videos are streamlined to clear key topics and you just know you’ve got gold. Thank you so much for being out there to find Amanda!

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