One Day VA Mastermind

My One Day Mastermind is designed to give Virtual Assistants the direction, guidance and focus needed to make big and immediate changes in their VA business.

Perhaps you have been running your Virtual Assistant business for a while and have been very happy with how things have been going but perhaps you are now ready to build and grow in a serious way.

For our One Day VA Mastermind, we will spend the whole day together planning your business – whether it’s to build and grow a team, launch a new service, create a marketing strategy, or uplevel each and every part of your business. This day will accelerate your business into becoming the type of business you desire.

The day will be held at a luxury hotel in Dorset or Hampshire and includes unlimited refreshments and lunch.  


This One Day VA Mastermind is for you if…


  • You feel as if you are doing everything in your business but nothing on your business, so the results just don’t happen. 
  • You feel overwhelmed and are desperate to follow else’s path but your own.
  • You want to achieve results now. 
  • You feel as if you are need an independent person, who understands the industry to cast their eye over what you are doing and why.
  • Maybe you have a million and one questions and you want someone to answer them openly and honestly with you.


Want to see if we are a good fit for each other – you can either book a call or complete an application form by clicking the button below.

Testimonial from Selina Johnson, one to one mentoring
Amanda's skills, experience and ongoing support are outstanding. I enrolled in her mentoring program as I had built my VA business alone but wanted advice on scaling my business by working with a team of associates. The value of excellence provided by Amanda was AMAZING. Our regular weekly check in's helped keep me on track with my goals and our regular 1:1 calls made me push boundaries and excel. Thank you, Amanda, for the significant contribution you offered over the past 12 months and helping my vision materialise. You are a star! 
Selina Johnson
Amanda is the "Go-To" for any aspiring Virtual Assistant. She is no-nonsense and will give a kick up the rear when it's needed, but she is also an absolute gold mine of information and resources and I have never known her stumped or phased by any question I have thrown at her! Her VA Mastery course is, in my opinion, the best available and I would recommend to anyone considering a career as a VA, to start with Amanda's course. Amanda has helped me immeasurably with my business growth and I continue to work with her as I start to reap the benefits of all of her great advice and knowledge. Thanks, Amanda.
Julia Ngapo
Testimonial - Sarah White completed VA Mastery Course with VACT
Amanda has been an amazing support in my business journey. Not only have I had the pleasure of knowing Amanda as one of my 'super-customers', she's also been a mentor to me as well. Her level of VA expertise is astounding and it's been an absolute pleasure training with both Amanda and the VACT generally. She is there to guide and support you throughout the VA journey, and Amanda is as invested in your business success as you are! I'm honoured to have this amazing woman in my corner - deciding to train under her guidance, was one of THE best business decisions I've ever made and I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who is thinking of becoming a VA - and if you're currently a struggling VA, who need some extra support to get your business to the level of success that suits you and your family - I'd definitely recommend contacting Amanda too!
Sarah White
Testimonial - Emma Conway Hyde trained with another VA training provider but came to Amanda for one to one mentoring
I have been mentored by Amanda for the last year and I can honestly say I do not what I would have done without her. She offers straight forward pragmatic advice, has been there and done it and appreciates how hard you have to work to build a successful VA business. She is always on hand to help and the support that is offered is second to none. You can always rely on her to be honest and forthright with a no nonsense approach. She is fantastic accountability partner. Thanks Amanda.
Emma Conway Hyde
Amanda and I started collaborating at a key time in my business. I needed guidance and support and Amanda was perfect for me, with her experiences and approach suiting me very well. I joined the 1:2:1 mentoring programme and learned so much from Amanda who gave me confidence and direction to build my business. I am very happy to recommend Amanda to other VAs and business owners who are transitioning and are looking for expert guidance. Thanks to Amanda for also introducing me to the 'Go-Giver' approach to business.
Louisa Stewart
Elite PA Solutions
Amanda is truly awesome! I have known of Amanda for many years before I made the decision to join her 1:1 mentoring. After a few conversations where she shared her advice so freely, it was a no brainer that Elite PA Solutions would benefit from having her in our corner. Six months in and it's not a decision I have doubted - not once. Amanda is supportive, pushes me to think outside my comfort zone and given me the courage to 'just do it'. This year, I have started building a 'small top notch' team of virtual PAs who are now working successfully with Elite PA Solutions clients. Amanda's held me accountable and reminded me that 'doing' everything singlehanded is not growing my business. She's brilliant, calming and understanding of personal issues that do crop up and push you back at times. Highly recommend.
Sandy Hearn
Amanda has a No Nonsense Style of mentoring which is firm when needed and relaxed when needed. Being at the helm of your own business is a lonely place and sometimes you lose clarity. Working with Amanda has helped me to go forward and to find clarity.
Stella Gooch


What you get on a One Day VA Mastermind


  • You give yourself permission to focus, and learn in a luxury setting. 
  • You leave your normal routine and environment, which makes it much easier to break through any limiting beliefs and mindset that have been holding you back.
  • You will receive support in a nurturing and caring environment so you can take time to focus on what you most need and want while having the time and space to adjust, rethink, plan and reorganise as necessary.
  • You’ll discover the truth about how you can have the business you desire. 
  • Have a new friend and expert mentor cheering you on (that’s if we are not already working together)!

Frequently Asked Questions about the One Day VA Mastermind

What can we cover in the One Day VA Mastermind?

Each One Day VA Mastermind is tailored to you, your goals and situation, in our call before our day together we will explore some of the topics you might want to consider we cover.  

  • Where to find the right type of clients for your business.  You’ll never say again, “I can’t find any clients!”
  • How to build a team around you so that you can scale and grow your business.
  • How to handle sales conversations now that it is no longer just you in the business.
  • Objection handling and discovery sessions. Stop feeling awkward when it comes to sales conversations.
  • Crafting the packages of services you sell,  so you know exactly WHAT you are selling and WHY someone would work with you.
  • Confidence and Mindset
  • Adding your personality and essence into your brand!
  • Creating a simple and repeatable marketing plan for the next 30 to 90 days so you know what you need to be sending out and when.
  • How to stand out in a crowded marketplace where it seems like your competition is lurking around every corner.
  • Building a list and or community through social media, lead magnets, email marketing so you always have a steady stream of potential clients who can’t wait to work with you.
  • Designing your website to demonstrate your personality and awesomeness.
How much is the investment?

The investment is £1200 or 3 payments of £400.  However, it is not possible to buy without us first having a conversation to check we are a good fit for each other.

How does it all come together?

When you book, you will receive a welcome pack and contract.  These contain resources and questions for you to answer and will inform you of all you need to know and will prepare you to get the very best out of our powerful two days together.

You will receive a link to book your 60 minutes pre-call – to take place one or two weeks before our session together, via Zoom.

After our day together, you will receive a further 60 minutes Zoom call a few weeks after we meet in person, to consolidate the work we did and to keep you on-track and accountable.

After your Mastermind, you get a full three months of unlimited e-mail access with me to support you further.

Can I do the One Day Mastermind if I am already working with you?

Yes, of course you can – we can tailor the other work we do together to ensure they complement each other.

I have never worked with VACT before - can I do the One Day VA Mastermind?

Yes, of course you can.  As part of our strategy session together before your call, we will look at the nuts and bolts of your business to ensure I know exactly what it is that you are looking to achieve. 

I have not yet launched my VA business - is this appropriate for me?

These days together are perfect if you are trying to get clarity on how to create your own business, perhaps to determine when is the right time to leave your 9-6.   You will leave your private One Day VA Mastermind VIP Day feeling excited about your life and completely clear on the next steps to take.

Not sure if Amanda is the right coach for you?

Not sure if I am the right Coach or Mentor for you – then book a no obligation call where we can talk about the things that you want to achieve and see if I am the right person for you. You need to feel inspired, challenged and supported when working with me and I need to feel the same way about you.  If we are going to work together, we need to be able to see that we would work well together!

But you might want to know…

  • I have a powerful but gentle approach to coaching and mentoring
  • I won’t pull any punches and I will say things how they are, but it will be delivered from from a true place of authenticity and with the purpose of helping you move forward to get better results.
  • My unique no-nonsense approach has worked well to get great results for my clients.
  • If you’re looking for a pink and fluffy coach who will stroke your ego and empathise endlessly with your situation that’s not me. If you want direction and guidance, results and help that’s proactive, clear but kind, calm and heart-centred, but truthful then I’m definitely the coach you’re looking for.