Pay What You Want Coaching and Mentoring

by | Oct 17, 2018 | 0 comments

When you look at the image above – what do you see?  Do you see pink t-shirts?  Or do you see a variety of t-shirts, in different shades of pink, in various styles and shapes, with and without detail?  Or do you just see pink.

Why do I ask you this you might be wondering?

As many Business Owners will testify, I am a firm believer in the #GoGiver principles and so I offer free 30 minutes calls to those who might be looking to start a business or build and grow a current business.  I recognise that every person and business is different, so although the label of business owner may be the same – we are all unique.  Just like those pink t-shirts – they are all unique.  (Out of interest which one would you choose?)

So if you have already had a free discovery calls but would like some additional one off support from me, then I operate a Pay What You Want Coaching and Mentoring Model.  This is perfect for you if you recognise that you need a Business Coach / Mentor  but are not yet ready to work with me on my other programmes. Or maybe you just need some impartial, independent and external support.  Sometimes we need the safety of an external person to have a virtual coffee with.

This type of payment model is not widely understood and I am often asked how much people should pay for their session.  So as a guide, you might like to know I have been paid between £35 and £200 for these sessions in the past.  The normal tends to be about £80 to £100. However, please note you will not offend me by paying less and I will of course be delighted if you pay more. This is all about value to you.

To book your Pay What You Want Session then please click here and book a call.  After our time together, I will send you the appropriate bank details and allow you to make your payment.