The VA Membership is a monthly membership site for Virtual Assistants who are looking for affordable, practical support and expert help to build and grow their VA business.

I know what it is like to be a VA at home, trying to build and grow the VA business when really all I wanted to do was brainstorm issues with other like-minded VA business owners. Instead, I felt isolated.
Often you have left your corporate job / job in the ‘real world’ to set up on your own and have a ‘better work / life balance’. But the reality is very different, as you’re now spending all day working ‘IN’ your business supporting clients, but then have to find the time to work ‘ON’ your business to build and grow it.

The systems that you implement for your clients are not there in your own business and so your business growth slows, you start to feel overwhelmed or worse fall out of love with the business.

Does any of this sound familiar? Do you know what? I understand.

What do you get as a VA Membership Member?

The VA Membership won’t just be monthly webinars, additional courses, competitive one-upmanship or hustle. 

I have done some analysis of how many people actually watch the monthly trainings over the years and it is minimal. In fully transparency, I want to make a difference and where that happens is in a club environment.  That constant feeling of hustle, overwhelm of ‘things not done’, and content overload just isn’t doing it for me or for you. So lets break the mould and not do it. 

Instead, this VA Membership is about authenticity and helping you to have the business and the life you set out to create. This is a Membership for finding a space to have conversations, and take a break from ‘busy’ but also to get the kick up the ass when you need it!  Thus getting the best service from me.

Resources and Bonus Section

In the Resources and Bonus section, I will share some helpful lists, guides, videos, audios covering mindset, productivity, business templates, social media and marketing tips as well as anything else I think will help.

Keep checking back, you never know what you might find here!

Support Group

You will love the members only support group – I’ve designed it as a place where you can brainstorm, ask for support and feedback, share ideas, celebrate your successes AND do business.

This is the place where we will run occasional challenges and do activities that stretch our businesses.

In the Members only group you can work directly with me, as well as network with other VAs trying to grow their business. Have questions? We’ll answer them.

In addition you also get:

  • Access to me every day in our private Facebook community so you can ask questions and get support
  • Weekly accountability check-ins with me via the group to ensure that you achieve your goals
  • An awesome community of Virtual Assistants who all want to build and grow their business
  • Instant access to online training materials that cover different aspects of running your VA business in the form of webinar videos, PDF documents and templates.
  • Guest expert webinars when we have topics that need exploring further
  • Discounts on my workshops, packages, programs and stand alone courses (from me and my partners)
  • Online group coaching call (Live Q&A Call) to eliminate any sticking points in your business

Running your own VA business can be hard work

Running your own VA business can be hard work, there is so much to do supporting clients to earn an income. It can feel like we are permanently juggling or walking a very fine tightrope and one small knock, well it doesn’t really bear thinking about – does it?

I often describe a Virtual Assistant as someone who is used to being in service. We are so used to someone asking us to fix something and us doing it. But now we suddenly have to learn and implement the running of our own business and that takes time, effort and energy.

You may be feeling overwhelmed or as if you don’t know which direction to turn to next.

The original idea behind becoming a VA was so that you had a work / life balance and you don’t feel as if you do. You are supposed to be able to manage running a business and having a life. If you have other responsibilities, like a day job or family or both it can feel harder again.

I totally get how you are feeling I felt like this too and so do most other business owners, not just VAs. So please, be reassured you are not alone.

Let’s be honest here, the VA industry is virtual and there is no-one sat opposite you or in the next office to ask questions of, bounce ideas around, or even share your experiences. So whether you are a new VA or an experienced VA who wants to take their VA business to the next level, working with a mentor and a peer group can help you get to the next level in your business.  

Our members can support one another, gain insight into other business models, share resources, build a community and get advice in real time from people who not only understand but who have been there too.

Need a shoulder to cry on about struggling to find a client or losing that all important contract? You’ll have them. Want a few cheerleaders, as you prepare to step outside your comfort zone for a new service offering, FB ad or networking event? You’ll have them. Have a success that you need others to congratulate you on – but no-one in your non-VA family really understands you? You will have them. This group coaching program offers all that, and best of all – with its community of like-minded members – the help and support given is actually, well, helpful.

Here’s another win for members of the ’VA Membership’ – it is an affordable way of working with me on a regular basis.  It is £590 per annum (saving you £118 per year) or £59 per month so effectively less than £2 per day but you get the added opportunities of picking my brain as and when you need to. 

Are you ready to invest in your VA business? I know I am, so let's do this together.

You can pay annually or monthly – whichever suits you better.  There is a discount equivalent to 2 months membership if you pay in full.

Six Common Questions

We get asked these a lot or you could (scroll down for the full list of FAQs)

Is this training?

Not every month, but there will be training webinars as and when we need them to cover off relevant issues. 

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, we think the best contract for this type of service is no contract. You can cancel your membership at any time.


What if I am a new VA?

This membership is designed to help build and grow a VA business, new VAs will still get benefit from the subjects covered.

What is the Support Group?

We currently have a support group in the form of a “secret” Facebook community where you can ask questions to other Virtual Assistants.


What if I don't have many clients yet?

No worries, we cover content that will help you to get more clients and on how to deliver more for your current clients.

What topics do you cover?

Business development, marketing, mindset, email marketing, social media, building a team, blogging and the list goes on

Here’s the full list of Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the VA Membership for?

This is a membership for you if you are a Virtual Assistant who wants to build and grow their VA business. 


I have done the VA Mastery Course is this for me?

This is a natural progression from the VA Mastery Course and should be seen as continuous professional development.

Do I have to have trained with VACT in order to join the VA Membership?

The VA Membership is for those who have worked with Amanda in some way  (paid, free or during a short-term challenge) however acceptance is not guaranteed.  There will be occasions when Amanda might recommend joining this Membership while waiting for one of our group coaching programmes to open. Occasionally, there may be opportunity to join this if you have trained with another VA Training supplier but have been part of Amanda’s or the VACT community. 

I don't have many clients is it for me?

This membership is designed to help build and grow a VA business, new VAs will still get benefit from the subjects covered, the main criteria is that you have worked with Amanda and VACT Limited in the past. 

Can I pay monthly?

Yes you can pay monthly – ideally – I look for commitment from you for 12 months, as it will allow me to get to know you and understand your business better.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel at any time – your membership will cease at the end of that payment period.  At that point your access to the support group and learning materials will be revoked.

Why is the Support Group on Facebook?

Currently the Support Group is on Facebook but this is always being reviewed.  Currently Facebook is the preferred method due to the accessibility of the platform to so many Virtual Assistants.

Do I have to be in the UK?

No, this is available to Virtual Assistants globally.  However, where the training materials talk about pricing, this is in GBP however the theories are relevant irrespective of location of the VA,

I am not sure if this is for me or not - what should I do?

Before making any investment, you need to check if I am the right Coach for you – so please book a Build and Grow free call by clicking here or drop me an email on [email protected]

Are you ready to invest in your VA business? I know I am, so let's do this together.

You can pay annually or monthly – whichever suits you better.  There is a discount equivalent to 2 months membership if you pay in full.

I had a discovery call with Amanda at a point when I was feeling particularly stuck in my business.

I was amazed at how much Amanda covered in the 30 minute call, including constructive feedback about my website, services and pricing, drawing out of me what direction I wanted to go in and then giving me great advice on how to achieve it. I came away with so much clarity and a renewed sense of energy and focus for my business. I’m a member of the VA Help Desk Amanda runs and she is so active in this group – consistently pushing, inspiring and motivating everyone. If you are stuck in your business and need someone to put you on the right path – speak to Amanda!

(The VA Help Desk has recently been renamed as the VA: Be Awesome Club)

Natalie Pewsey