VA Training Academy®

Build and grow your business.

The VA Training Academy® specialises in helping virtual assistants build and grow their business taking them to new levels of profitability and satisfaction.

Whether you’re new to the virtual assistant industry or a established Virtual Assistant the VA Training Academy® has supplementary training programmes to support you and your VA business.

Arguably the success of your VA business depends on you continuing your professional development of your skills and expertise.  In fact it is this, that helps you to find and keep the right clients.

In the VA Training Academy®,  we have a mix of live courses and and self-study programmes.  Both are delivered by Amanda Johnson as well as other well-known training guest experts.  Designed to be of top-quality, information-packed and results-oriented they aim to help you to become the best Virtual Assistant you can be.

Our programmes are delivered in a variety of ways, from live, interactive webinars to audio and video formats coupled with printable workbooks and checklists.

In the VA Training Academy®, there are a selection of Guides, Templates and Forms for you to access. Designed to give you a stress free experience of running your business.

The VA Training Academy® strives to give professional virtual assistants access to quality information and training to help them stay up-to-date with the skills and experience they need to maximize their success.

Lots of new courses being added each month, but if there are particular subjects you would like to see covered then email Amanda on and give her your suggestions.

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