Want to be more productive in your business?

Do you find trying to start, grow or simply run your business is exceptionally hard when you have a busy family life too? Have you tried different ways of managing your time and yet still you are struggling to give your full attention to the job at hand?

You may have invested in time management books or been on course that have promised to provide the solution to your issues, but I bet you have found that what you have read or heard has been a one size fits all approach. Well I’m afraid that really doesn’t work does it? We all have different issues and drains on our time, so by simply following what works for someone who has different time issues isn’t going to help us.

This is where Grace Marshall has come up with this fantastic approach where she has realised one shoe really doesn’t fit all. Grace is a buy mum of 2 with a 4 year old business and she has found a way of helping you manage your time depending on how you work. To find out a bit more about this read Grace’s article on Women Unlimited. Grace has recorded a video to tell you a bit more about the fantastic workshop she has planned to help business mums to be more productive.

There are two options for this workshop, a live face to face workshop on 3rd May in Stafford or an Online workshop over 3 evenings, 14th-16th May.

Closing dates to book on are 1st May for the live workshop and 11th May for the online version.

Grab an early bird ticket for ?147 till Tuesday 24th, then the price returns to ?197.

To find out more or book your ticket please visit Grace Marshalls site.

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